Our Story

Welcome to Black Rose Baking!


We are Sharon-Rose and Deanne, two friends who share a love for baking. Black Rose Baking was born at the start of the pandemic. We had a zoom meeting, going over all our goals and the challenges we would undoubtedly encounter. We then squealed with excitement and jumped right in.

There is something about ‘homemade’ that is almost nostalgic. Waking up on a Saturday morning to the sweet smell of something coming out of the oven. You are welcomed with your favourite baked good that was prepared with care, especially for you. That warmth and joy brought on by having a loved one prepare something for you is what we hope to create for our community. Currently, we make deliveries in Winnipeg and hope to expand to more of Canada and grow our community.

Black Rose Baking is new and each day we are growing and learning, and we love every second of what we do. We hope to develop our menu and bring our baking to more people. Ultimately, we hope to evoke that warmth of a Saturday morning.